An interesting feature of the Huna Culture are String Figures. I have the impression that they are helpful for the creation of forms and maybe worlds. They serve as symbols and show also the interconnectedness of everything. A beautiful game. All informations can be found at String Figure – the ancient Art of Hawaiian String Figures.

Legends speak of the lost continent of Mu. Inhabited by people who came from the stars known as the Pleiades. A place of peace and tranquility. Kaua’i Island, the geologically oldest of the major Hawaiian Islands is believed by some to be a remnant of this magical garden paradise. The legend of Mu is alive in our dreams. All we have are the whispers of this lost culture. Lost beneath the sea. But not lost in myth and metaphor. The hidden knowledge of these people is said to be encoded in the language. The language is much more than the words; it is the cultural practices, the philosophy of huna, the aloha spirit, the hula, navigation and the stars. It is string figures and knotted cords.

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