Carl Gustav Jung introduced the term of synchronicity into psychology. He understood by this that what is in your mind manifests outside.He didn’t go as far as saying that each person creates reality,  but he was aware of synchronicities which couldn’t be only accidentally.

Bashar uses the term of synchronicity in an extended way, understanding that each person creates its own reality completely and what is in the mind – and more – what is in the heart – the vibrations – create the circumstances and form the reality one knows. All of it. So, basically, all one has to do is thinking and feeling the things one wants to experience and not thinking and feeling the things one does not want to experience. In other words: “Match the frequency of your desires and your phyical reality will change. Space and time will be flexible and you will find yourself arriving at places before you start and you will marvel at the synchronicities.”

Every single moment is instantaneouly created, according to your thoughts and feelings. You don’t have to earn or desserve anything. It is just there. However, if you don’t see a change, you do not match the frequencies of your desire and maybe you do not create enough difference. To create bigger differences from moment to moment in relation to what is and where you want to go is required for faster manifestation.

A high degree of difference – THINK BIG – matching the frequencies of your desires – harmonizing fully with your higher self – are the tools necessary in these coming years of rapid and radical shift in consciousness and therefore shift in reality. This span of 5 years from 2010 to 2015 will be very tumultuous as one can notice already and one will need all the mental-tools available not to sink into fear and distress but rather “ride the wave of change”.

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