The General Strike is a national call to action, from citizens to other citizens. We all have different concerns, but we all have the same concern: we are being lied to and this government does not represent us.Join other Americans in demanding truth, justice, and accountability.

It  is  not  the  function  of  our  Government  to  keep  the  citizen  from  falling  into  error.
It  is  the  function  of  the  citizen  to  keep  the  Government  from  falling  into  error. (Supreme Court)

This is a statement of  Votestrike who called  for peaceful disobedience on shutting down all normal activities. I think this is a valuable action where the individual citizen can again recognize his own power. Such actions can help to overcome the widespread feeling of being a victim and of being powerlessness.

And this is not only an issue in the United States. In Europe we have similar Gouvernements which have banded together to suppress the people.  These Gouvernements were only possible  because of the fear and I may say cowardice of so many people who buy in what the media tells them even if their personal evidence is different. These blind followers allow the power of these Gouvernements. So again, everybody has to look at his own beliefs and actions. By changing them the system will change. However – showing already some actions is a demonstration of this intention to change and this change is not what the President and his Gouvernement expects…

BTW: Gandhi showed how it works…

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