Actually we have governements in Europe and the USA that are moving to a dictatorial behaviour and treating individuals rather as slaves than as free beings. This is probably the agony of a dying system which tries to save its power. But the shift is already in full movement and cannot be halted anymore. Elias gives some really inspiring informations about this process …

One of the actions of this shift — one of the strongest actions of this shift — is shifting the expression of authority to the individual, that the individual is the most significant and the most important, and that each individual is directing of themselves.  Therefore, the structure of governments shall also change, for the necessity for what you view as authority figures now also is shifting.

As the individual becomes the most significant and is directing of themselves, the necessity for these authority figures is no longer — which is already evident in small ones now.  For those individuals that are emerging into your reality now, within this millennium in the objective insertion of this shift, these small ones are already aware of directing themselves, which is already generating some necessities for other individuals to alter their structures, for these small ones are not compliant with the structures that are familiar and that are established in place.  Therefore, there is somewhat of a transition that is already occurring, to be generating more of a cooperation with the small ones and how they shall not compromise.

You all incorporate tremendous creativity, and in expanding your awareness and in directing yourselves and expressing your freedom, this allows you to tap into more of your own qualities that can be expressed and generate your own expression of creativity in whatever form you choose, which may be expressed in any form.  Any form may be likened to a masterpiece of a painting or a sculpture or a symphony.  Regardless of how you choose to express your creativity, it can be as magnificent as any masterpiece, for it is your masterpiece.

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