So called leaders and other “authorities” are quick in suggesting or even commanding sacrifices for a “better future”. They want to sacrify the present – the only moment that exists – for something that does not exist. And even when one is in the so-called future it is again now. You see how absurd this is!

Sacrifices are disgusting – no matter for what or whom you sacrify yourself. If there is a religion who asks for sacrifying anything you can be sure that they only want power over you. No God who deserves this name would ask for sacrifices. Can you imagine that the Universe asks you for sacrifices? The same is valuable for all other institutions, like governments, who incite wars of aggression and ask the people to sacrify their ressources and even their lives.  Actually we are forced to sacrify even to banks. How …ridiculous!

This moment is given to you, a gracious gift from God or the whole or whatsoever you want to call it — Tao, dhamma, logos. This moment is available to you: sing a song, live it in its totality. And don´t try to sacrifice it for any other moment that is going to come in the future. Osho

So the advice of Osho is very valuable. There is no other moment that exists.  There is only no time – the present, the NOW.  If we are able to live in the now I guess we would not do such things as wars and other doomsday scenarios. And living in the now would also focus the attention on the now and then all these wars, dictators and “authorities” would vanish because we could see: The emperor is naked!

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