I shall express to you an exercise that I instruct you to incorporate each day for a period of two of your weeks. In this, you shall incorporate a game with yourself. In each of your days, you shall move outside of your dwelling and incorporate the purchase of one small item as a gift to yourself each day. It matters not what it is. It matters not how small it is or what its expense is. It may be any item, regardless of how little its value may be. But the one requirement associated with the item must be that you must incorporate a smile.

Wonderful exercise from Elias to demonstrate or get used to self-value, to be compassionate with oneself and to really, truely start to love oneself. Without a deep love and acceptance of self there is no self-expansion possible. And remember the wonderful definition of love given by Elias:

Love is knowledge and appreciation!

BTW: I was searching for a picture about presents. I found mainly images of Christmas presents. So why not make every day like Christmas, like the birth of a new perception, the birth of new thinking, the birth of new feelings – the birth of a new consciousness.

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