Bashar answers questions about the manifesting abilities of Sai Baba (23. 11.1926 in Puttaparthi, Andhra Pradesh; † 24. April 2011) and explains the mechanism of this creation. The ashes that Sai Baba produced in considerable quantities are a by product of creation, remains of  raw substance as Bashar says. The closest physiological substance to that etheric matter that we have in our world is water. Just water, oxygen

Question:  Yes.  Are you familiar with the individual on our planet that is called Sai Baba?

Bashar:  Yes.

Q:  When he materializes things out of the void, they sometimes seem to be artifacts that come from… that are manufactured…

B:  Yes.

Q:  … in time and space.

B:  This is called following the path of least resistance.  You understand?

Q:  Yes.

B:  In other words, there is an etheric template in which things can be duplicated exactly as they have already been manufactured upon your planet, because they came from the etheric template to begin with.  The etheric template can be utilized to teleport objects that have been manufactured already on your planet.  So there is a variety of effects that are happening with regard to that particular individual.  Sometimes they are manufacturings of duplication, sometimes they are teleportations of already manufactured objects.  Sometimes they are being created from the raw etheric template state, according to the intent of that individual.  There are a variety of effects that are happening to create those particular objects to be at particular location at that particular time.  Make sense?

Q:  Yes.

B:  The conduit takes the path of least resistance.

Q:  Is he in conscious control of exactly the manifestations that come forth?  Or is it…

B:  To some degree, yes, but not necessarily which route shall be taken. This he simply leaves up to his allowance of the path of least resistance.

Q:  So does he actually, consciously, let’s say, bring forth a watch or a ring?

B:  Not always.  Sometimes the intent is clearly there, sometimes there is just the allowance for the proper object that serves the symbolic gesture for the best of all concerned.

Q:  And then it just manifests?

B:  Yes.

Q:  So what exactly is the ash that falls?

B:  This is what might be called raw material, raw etheric energy coming into primordial physiological structure without cohesiveness in the sense of a crystalline identity.  It is what might be simply called the background substance.  What used to be called, to some degree, ectoplasmic substance, but in this case it has presented itself in the form that you recognize as ash.  It is raw etheric.

Q:  Does it have a tachionic quality to it?

B:  All things do.

Q:  I mean in the sense that, like silicone and crystal and…

Q2:  Like why is it good to eat?  They put it on their tongue and their third eye.

B:  This is similar to what was called Manna.  You understand?  It is that direct etheric effluvium that is constructed in the four basic elements that are the primary building blocks of all of your physical reality.  You understand?  The carbon and the nitrogen and the oxygen in this sense, plus, also, sometimes there are the ideas of the hydrogen and sometimes the trace elements of the silicones.

Q2:  What does it do when you use it?  Is it just like a ritual, or does it actually have an effect?

B:  It can have an effect; again, it will depend upon the intent of the individual absorbing the material.  It can be utilized in a variety of ways.  Those of higher vibratory nature can allow there to be a complete energy transference, and it will energize them greatly.  Other individuals may simple find that it will have one particular very specific focus for them, or other individuals may not find an effect at all.  It will depend upon the state of the individual receiving it as much as it depends upon the state of the substance and the individual creating it.

Q2: I mean are there specific… I don’t know enough about what it can do to put that focus, on the highest possible thing that I could…I have some, and I…

B:  All right.  Look at it this way.  Look at it as the basic plasmoid substance of all physical reality so that it is a transmutable element, so that when taken inside it will transmute into whatever it needs to do, whatever it needs to replace, whatever is missing it will fill.

Q2:  Like, replace my missing parts and part of my structure and my DNA.

B:  Yes.  Yes.

Q1:  What is the closest physiological substance that we have in our society that can carry that function off?

B:  Water.

Q1:  Mineralized water?

B:  Yes.  To some degree and sometimes not even mineralized, just water, oxygen.  Sometimes by itself, depends again on the state, but primarily, water.  Sometimes with certain silicones contained therein.

Q1:  Thank you.

B:  Thank you.

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