You are the source of your abundance.  Abundance doesn’t come from your job or your retirement plans or your stocks, as many of you have been taught. Abundance doesn’t come from your friends or partner or anyone or anything outside of yourself. Abundance has come from you all along. If it makes you feel better to say that the Universe or God or All-That-Is is the source of your abundance, please do so. It’s all the same, anyway.

When you point your wand at something – in reality direct your thoughts and feelings toward it – that something, eventually, will appear before your eyes like magic – whether you wanted it or not.

The question is: Where are you pointing your magic wand?

The Universal Law of Attraction is a very simple but powerful law for reality creation. It states that what goes out must come back. When we are directing a thought toward something with our intention – i.e. about not having enough money – we will attract things that support that thought. We will attract more lack. That’s where we are pointing our magic wands. You attract what you are paying attention to.

So – the trick is to point our magic wands only at what we want. The Law of Attraction also states that “positive thoughts are far more powerful than negative ones. One positive thought can cancel out hundreds of negative ones.”  That’s really good to know. Again, our thoughts and words are very powerful, important and magnetic. It is to our benefit to think and talk about our abundance rather than our financial problems. That means focusing on and talking about all of the wonderful things that are happening in our lives and are about to happen. It means speaking as if you are prosperous and abundant now. This, in turn, will increase your prosperity and abundance. In other words: Appreciate!

3 Mental-Tools for Creation

1. Imagination is one of the most powerful tools for creation. It allows to transcend the limits of the physical world and attract new possibilities into your experience. All you can imagine exists already and can be actualized by allowance.

2. Acting as if the desired experienced has already happened. Role play what ever you want. Behave as if, dress as if, speak as if, FEEL as if…

3. Emotions to speed up things. If you want to speed up the manifestation of what you desire, increase your emotions about it. Emotions are the engine of manifestation. Strong emotion plus intention and desire can bring almost instantaneous results. Imagination and Acting as if  generate positive feelings. The more you can feel what you desire the more energy you put into your thoughts and visualizations and the more manifestation is accelerated.

The discipline that is required if you want to be a conscious creator is to point your magic wand – to focuse – on what you want and not on what you don’t want. It sounds simple but in reality it has to be practiced moment by moment, because in general we have a habit of focusing on what has already manifested – if we like it or not.  So if we are able to hold the attention on the desired nothing can impede it to manifest. It is law!

Chyrene Pendleton

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