When driving for a longer time I like to listen to CDs of my channelled friends. So the last time I listened to Abraham’s fantastic The Astonishing Power of Emotions: Let Your Feelings Be Your Guide  where he speaks about how to use emotions and how to practice the art of allowing. In one part of the CD he offers a very describing image of the stream of consciousness…

Imagine that consciousness is a very fast flowing river and the more you desire the faster it flows. Imagine yourself sitting in a boat in that very fast flowing river. Now, what most people do is trying to paddle upstream and as the river is very strong they exhaust themselves because they cannot paddle against the force of the river. This is resistance. Resistance against the flow, against change, against the ever flowing stream of consciousness, which cannot be turned off and all efforts to paddle against this river or only to stay in place are in vain. Even more – these thoughts and feelings create obstacles, boulders, and you risk to be beaten up by the river. So instead of paddling like crazy against the flow it is much more intelligent to turn your boat and go with the stream.

So each time you think and feel despair, sorrow, devaluation of yourself or others,  fear, shame, guilt and similar,  you turn your boat upstream and exhaust yourself. Each time you think and feel appreciation, joy, enthusiasm, eagerness, passion, freedom or love you turn your boat downstream and you go with the flow. And the clearer you thoughts and feelings are the less you will find obstacles rocks and boulders – in your river of consciousness.

So, each time you notice an upstream thought, turn immediately your boat – think downstream thoughts – and go with the flow. You can turn your boat at any point of the river. It is not necessary to go back. There is nothing to find upstream. All the good things – ALL – are downstream!

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