We say one more thing about the idea of healing the self. We will give you the idea of a particular permission slip that you can use to attract whatever information you need that has to do with healing. So if you use this permission slip because it is generally keyed to the collective energy vibration of your entire species, you will find it will generally work for most of you in whatever way your imagination so desires. So instead of allowing us to deliver specific health information, we deliver this now, to you, in this way. And you can use this however you want, whenever you want, to get into the proper state to attract the information you require dealing with health issues in your society.

It is a three minute meditation. Very simple. All you have to do is allow yourself to lie down in a very peaceful place, a very quiet place, and play a particular piece of music. The particular piece of music that is the appropriate vibration to allow you to be in the proper state to attract whatever information, or whatever situation, or whatever people, or whatever opportunities you require, dealing with the idea of health issues, and also dealing with the issues of letting go. Forgiving the self. Letting go of regret, letting go of grief, letting go of all those things that allow you to lower your vibration in that way. To forgive yourself. To free yourself. To be more whole. The specific piece of music is the first three minutes of Beethoven’s Symphony number seven, movement two.

Play that while you are in a peaceful state of repose. Let it wash through you. Those cords are exactly precisely what will tap into the idea of letting go of the past, letting go of sorrow, letting go of grief, letting go of regrets, and forgiving yourself and moving toward the vibration that will attract to you whatever information is germane to allow you to be in the healthy state that is your birthright.

Riding the 2012 Wave

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