Frank Butterfield is a channel for the collection of non-physical entities who speak with a single, gentle voice named Paul. “Communion of Light” refers to the experience that we have when we connect with these beings of light.  Their one desire is to remind us of the magnificent truth of who each of us are. I  would subscribe to every word about imagination…

We invite you to take a moment, when and as often as feels better to you, to indulge your imagination.

If you have been trained to be practical and grounded and to think mostly or primarily about only the next thing on the list or what needs to be taken care of, you might be a bit rusty in deliberately working with the very building blocks of your reality — your imagination.

Nothing is more important than that you allow your imagination to run wild from time to time like a horse who is free to roam the open plain, knowing that a lovely home awaits him at the end of the day.

When your imagination runs wild, you begin to sort things out within your vibrational reality instead of trying to get your physical reality to conform or shift into what you are wanting.

And when that happens, when you loosen the reins on physical reality a bit, and give most of your attention to your vibrational reality where all thought takes form immediately, then you begin to see possibilities where none seemed to exist before.

It’s as though you are giving yourself a break from working so hard on perfecting your physical reality. You breathe easier. Your mind has the chance to expand itself. And all of this happens just because you allow yourself to daydream and explore a vibrational world that is the pre-cursor to your physical world.

In these daydreams and flights of fancy you are literally exploring your own personal reality before it takes shape in the physical. And we think this is a powerful, delightful, delicious, and highly efficient (if we may use this word) use of your time. In fact, as you do this, time will stretch a bit and you may find that only minutes have passed by when your experience was more on the order of hours.

Do not think for one moment that you are in a fantasy world when you indulge your imagination, for you are not. You are in a world that has as much substance as the one that you see through your physical eyes, only it is much more malleable than what you consider to be the “real” world.

So, take a moment or two or three and indulge yourself. Imagine the great, delicious, amazing, wonderful dreams that you hold. Allow the world to expand in your mind. See new vistas. Allow whole new lives to appear before you. Go where they lead you. See what they bring. And bask, bask, bask in all the light and expansion that they offer you.

And then watch as your physical reality, as you relax into it, becomes more and more like your vibrational reality. And won’t that be delightful, indeed.

The Communion of Light

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