You have in your civilization, what is called a particular story, you may call it a joke… we will relate it to you:  You have what you call an individual, who in your terms says, that they believe in the power of God, and that they do not need to do anything but that. God will provide.  Do you follow me so far?

FloodAudience:  Yes.

All right.  Do not stop me if you have heard this… Therefore, this individual lives in his or her house, and one day some individuals come by and they say:  There is a great flood coming, you had best jump in the car with us and we will take you to safety.  No, no, says the individual in the house, I will stay in my house where I belong… God will save me, will provide. All right, they say, and drive off.

The flood comes and the individual is in the house and the waters are rising so the individual climbs onto the roof to avoid in this way, getting wet.  Along come individuals in what you call, your boat and they say: Oh look, you are stuck on top of your house, come along in this boat and we will take you to safety.  No, no, I am fine.  My faith is that God will provide.  All right, they say, and go off in the boat.

The waters continue to rise until there is only the very crest of the roof left!  And the individual is standing upon it and along comes one of your helicopters.  And in this way, the individuals in it spy the individual on the house and say:  We will lower a rope to you, we will take you to safety.  No, no, I have trust that God will provide.  Thank you very much, you may be on your way.  All right… and off they fly.
The waters rise… the individual drowns.

The individual, now in non-physicality, creates for themselves the opportunity to communicate with the concept of his, or her, God, and says:  I put my faith in you and you let me down.  God says:  What do you mean?  I sent you a car, I sent you a boat, I sent you a helicopter, but did you listen!?  ( Much laughter)

The so-called moral is,  that in a physical universe, the idea of creation is that creation works through what exists in the physical universe… for nothing is anything less than a miracle.  Thank you very much.


Sometimes it is so easy to oversee the miracles which come always “normally”, so to speak…

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