Just listen to how most people talk about money.  They openly tell others how poor they are, and how they never have any money.  They say…

“I can’t afford it”
“We never have enough money”
“The bills just keep coming”
“When will we ever get ahead?”

Do you think the universe is going to reward this lack mentality with abundance?  No!  Like attracts like in this universe.  Those who have mastered money don’t talk like that.  They say

“It’s a good thing we are rich”
“It’s only money”
“Sure, let’s get it, we have plenty of money”
“Let’s buy the best, we are worth it”

Wealthy men and women demonstrate by outer talk and “self talk” that they have plenty of money.  The law of attraction says that we get back what we send out.

We had an unexpected “water incident” in our basement that brought the plumber with his incident bills.  It’s so comforting to say “It’s a good thing we’re rich”.

You may be saying, “Well, I’m not rich.”  Well, you know what, I started saying it before I was rich, and the money followed!

To make a start, act the part!

When you make a “poverty” statement, catch yourself and replace it with an “abundance” statement.
Soon it will be habit and it will affect your very outlook on life, in a very pleasing way.

Fake it till you make it

Abraham Hicks


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