A message from The Council of 12 channeled by Selacia
Wednesday, 30 September, 2009
about probabilities for the year 2010

In the year 2010, it will become harder to hide truth. The walls that separate fact from fiction will weaken under the force of humanity’s emerging light consciousness. Transparency will become the watchword of the times. What does this mean?  And how is this relevant for you, the Divine Changemaker?

On a global level, it means that many of the disparities and dysfunctions of your world will come out of the shadows of ignorance. As this happens, longstanding out-of-balance situations will be seen and recognized as detriments, even more than at present. Likewise, universal truths about energy and the interconnectedness of all life will emerge into the mainstream with increasing speed. There will be a growing sense of awareness across the planet that many things aren’t really as they have appeared to be for a long time. Until fairly recently, mainstream thinking has been in a box wrapped tightly with string.  The year 2010 heralds a further loosening of the string around that box. Things outside conventional thinking that you have long believed to be true will receive noteworthy mention from unlikely sources.

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The Council of 12 speaks about the greatest probabilties happening in 2010 and tells what questions to ask yourself whenever you desire more clarity, more focus, more balance, and more inner confidence about your path of light. See the 10 questions below…

1. As I consider an issue or situation, am I looking at both the relevant details and the big picture?
2. What is the key missing piece of information that will allow me to have clarity about an issue or situation?
3. What is in the way of my seeing what I need to see?
4. How am I sabotaging my own progress?
5. In what ways am I giving away my power?
6. What is the one change I could make in my life to radically shift out of past rigid conditioning and into a more enlightened state?
7. As I consider the current outer world news and prophecies about 2012, which things are really true, which are assumption, which make me the most fearful, and which cause me to feel the most hope?
8. How comfortable do I feel becoming more transparent with myself, my loved ones, and my outer world?
9. What am I afraid to know about myself?
10. Have I remembered today that I am a Divine Changemaker, contemplating what that means in action?

Your One Choice

You really have one choice to make when it comes to change. Are you embracing your role as Divine Changemaker or are you allowing yourself to be a victim of change?  As you continue the journey of rediscovering your Divine nature, we surround you with our love and blessings. We are The Council of 12.

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