Last weekend I attended via phone a Bashar Seminar in Los Angeles, dealing with belief systems and how to detect them. The highlight of the seminar was a Holotope Experience, a kind of guided imagination to open the channel to the expanded self and receiving by this more inspiration. The seminar can soon be downloaded at the Bashar Website and it is worth every penny.
Here are some informations that I kept in mind:

About negative beliefs

These negative beliefs use tricks to reinforce themselves. The most strong trick is that if you change this negative belief you will not survive. As an example: If you loosen your control you will be threatened by all kind of evil. That shows up also in the collective and explains this fear of terrorists or of climate change.

Although i.e. the climate cannot be controlled and changes continously it is attempted now to be controlled. Of course this is impossible with the actual state of consciousness and the task of Sisyphos is easy compared to that endeavor. So all what rests is blame and everybody feels bad. So the negative belief was very successful. So you can ask you 2 questions to see where you are standing:

Are you acting on your highest excitement in every moment or at least often?
What is the most fearful posssible thing that would happen if you did?

About acting on your excitement

Follow your excitement – Follow your heart – Act on your highest excitement… are all well-known statements. But how to start to act on the highest excitement? In this seminar Bashar gave a very simple way how to begin:

Keep it simple! Every day there are many options. All you have to do is looking for the options and choose the one which is the most exciting. That can be everything. If your most exciting option is to stay in bed, stay in bed. If your most exciting option is to drink coffee, drink coffee… The questin is always “what is the most exciting thing you can do NOW”. Act without expectations and take it as far as you can and then choose  the next option….

Of course many people have to work and cannot always in any moment follow really their highest excitement. But even with these duties there are enough moments in the day where it can be done. This is the beginning of acting more and more on the excitement and leads to a much more expanded way of life.

Of course there was much more. I.e. he said, that the 2012 threshold is the time when the collective consciousness changes to a little more positive energy coming from a small percentage of the population. A good reminder is also that

Memory is created in the present
It is not important who you were
It is enough to know who you are

This sheds a new light on all the history as it is seen today and by understanding this we can get rid of all that heavy ballast we are all carrying with us – individually and as a collective. This is also relevant for health, for “all pain is resistance to your  natural self” which you learn to know by following your highest excitement….

And remember:

Anything is possible!
The real question is: Is it relevant!

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