Since a certain time the media – as well as our unwise “leaders” and of course the economy “experts” – do not speak anymore of human beings or only citizens, they speak of consumers.  Humans have become only a marketing goal, buying all the unnecessary crap out there, living for work and consumption.  The French get it to the point:  Dodo – Metro – Boulot which means:  Sleep – Metro – Work… and of course consumption.

Kris at the Kris Chronicles explains below that consuming is an attempt to experience feelings – to feel alive. But as he says, all the feelings are already “inside” and can be iniated without obsessional buying. To understand this is a real release and by the way would also break the power of the big companies, the banks and their servants, science and politics. Intelligent people which do not buy all the bad food and bad quality products can force companies  to produce better products or to close. They are hold back so far only by the threat that there will be no jobs. But there are no jobs anyway, so we can just do it…

And this is prevalent in a consumer society, where you are basically led to assume that this is what human life and happiness is all about. In truth, you do not need ANYTHING. What you do then, is create situations through your needs to experience specific feelings that result from the outcome. That is very important because it implies, we are saying this specifically so, that all of the feelings that you want to experience are already contained within you. You create situations as a catalyst to bring out those feelings through the outcomes. If you already understand this principle, then you may indeed save yourselves a great many headaches, especially when you are specifically and obsessively attached to the outcome, often preventing the outcome from showing up in your lives. Kris

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