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Quote Elias

KRIS: Now, it is entirely possible that in order to experience the world as you view it today, you had to take drastic measures and divorce yourselves from an old world view, because if you are deeply connected with all the elements of Nature: the wind, the water, the sky, the earth; you would not want to rip the Earth apart. You would not use the resources as they are being used today, would you?

And in order to reconsider the values of such a worldview, you have permitted yourselves to become divorced from it to the extent that you barely recognize yourselves. You barely recognize the ability to love and respect yourselves and utilize that as a means to return home to your original foundational beliefs. You must, in some way — in some small way, even though it affects your entire planet and your life and life within it — find yourselves somehow or other motivated in such a way that the experience and the way you view it and the way you live it, including all the guilt and shame you can handle through any means in your society and civilization, as a tool of recognizing that somehow or other you are in deep need of recognizing and accepting yourselves.

That is why presently so much information through so many sources, through so-called “channel” or otherwise, is steering you back to your original point of origin. And as Orodin and as Akosha you have allowed yourselves this kind of experimentation, this kind of experience to measure the true depth of your values in this particular context. Whether this makes any sense or not is not the point. The point is to begin recognizing where you want to be and what do you want to do about it? And that is often the salient point.

Many people may even fantasize that they want change, they want transformation, but as far as doing anything about it, do not talk to them about such issues. Fantasizing is more important for them. Thus, all of you have, in one way or another, opened your minds, opened your hearts and touched that within yourselves which leads to profound loving experience and you are willing to do something about it and you WILL take action. And in a small way, that is indeed the core of what we want to present under the heading of changing the world. Do you follow?

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