This is an excerpt of Gred Braden’s book The Divine Matrix where he is writing about this matrix as being the bridge between our imagination and our reality, and the mirror in our world for what we create in our beliefs. To unleash the power of this matrix in our lives, we must understand how it works and speak the language that it recognizes.

When we observe something – that is, when we consciously focus our attention on one place it time – it apears that we’re locking one of  the many quantum possibilities into place in that instant. Whether it’s coming from a ‘parallel reality’ or from a soup of flickering quantum probabilities, the theories suggest that what we see as Reality (with a capital R) is what it is because of our presence.

While this appears to be revolutionary news to modern science, it’s been acceped as the way things are in ancient traditions and indigenous cultures for centuries…

In the spring of 1998, I had the opportunity to facilitate a combined research trip and pilgrimage into the highlands of central Tibet for 22 days…On an icy morning, we found ourselves cramped into a tiny chapel surrounded by Buddhist altars and ancient thangkas…I focused my attention directly on the eyes of the timeless-looking man seated lotus-style in front of me. Through our translator, I asked him the same question that I’d asked every monk and nun we’d met throughout our pilgrimage. ‘When we see your prayers’, I began, ‘what are you doing? When we watch you intone and chant for 14 and 16 hours a day; when we see the bells, bowls, gongs, chimes, mudras, and mantras on the outside


A powerful sensation rippled through my body as the translator shared the abbot’s answer. ‘You’ve never seen our prayers, he said, ‘because a prayer cannot be seen’….the abbot continued, ‘What you’ve seen is what we do to create the feeling in our bodies.


How beautiful, I thought. And how simple. Just as the late 20-th century experiments had shown, it’s human feeling and emotion that affect the stuff our reality is made of – it’s our inner language that changes the atoms, electrons, and photons of the outer world. However, this is less about the actual words we utter and more about the feeling that they create within us. It’s the language of emotion that speaks to the quantum forces of the universe…

The Divine Matrix: Bridging Time, Space, Miracles, and Belief

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