If you incorporate a time framework in which you engage a walk, at a point within your walk allow yourself to stop and sit beneath a tree.  In that, as you sit beneath the tree, allow yourself a calmness in which momentarily you focus your attention upon each of your senses, connecting each of those senses with the tree.  That may be expressed in a brief time framework.  It is not necessary to incorporate a lengthy timeframe to be generating this connection with the tree, but allow yourself to experience and feel the energy of the tree.

If you are connecting with the tree, you may actually incorporate the taste of the tree’s lifeblood.  Allow yourself to incorporate the actual feeling of the atmosphere upon your skin and how you are connecting with this tree, how the tree incorporates its atmosphere, how it sways with it, how it incorporates tremendous strength but also great flexibility, and is interconnected with all of its environment and not disturbed by any of it.

The more you incorporate a relaxed energy, the more you shall allow yourself to connect.   Merely listen to your impressions and allow yourself an openness, and it shall be presented. In this, also an openness is an expression of acknowledging, for you may be offering yourself information and maybe not immediately discounting it.

This wonderful relaxing exercise is made not only for holidays.  And in this session (1807) Elias speaks also about how to deal with the information he is giving:

It is not a matter of doing justice to myself; it is a matter of expressing yourself freely and allowing yourself to share information with other individuals. This is not MY information. It is yours! It is what YOU are creating and what you are drawing to yourself. I am merely your method of presenting information to yourself.

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