Some quotes about effortlessness from Seth, Elias, Abraham and Bashar. It is good to remember from time to time the possibility of effortlessness of being and of creation…

• Desire is action. In the inner world, your desires bring about their own fulfillment, effortlessly. That inner world, and the exterior one, intersect and interweave. They only appear separate. In the physical world, time may have to elapse, or whatever. Conditions may have to change, or whatever, but the desire will bring about the proper results. The feeling of effortlessness is what is important.

The Magical Approach: Seth Speaks about the Art of Creative Living

• But the new designs, with the new blocks, are quite there, and quite available. And if you are playful enough about it you would be quite aware, and there is no need to wait for new beliefs – unless you believe that you must wait for new beliefs. And there is no struggle … unless you believe that you must struggle. And it is not hard unless you believe that it must be difficult.

Seth – ESP Class, Sep. 26, l972

You cannot struggle to joy. Struggle and joy are not on the same channel. You joy your way to joy. You laugh your way to success. It is through your joy that good things come.”


• Reality doesn’t mean diddly squat. Reality – it is not a big player. All it is, is how I’ve been vibrating and how I will probably vibrate if I don’t vibrate on purpose. But – it’s not hard to vibrate on purpose.. it really isn’t.


• The formula for getting anything says, “Identify the desire.” That’s not hard. Contrast helps you to do that. But once you’ve identified the desire, then your work is to vibrate the same as your desire vibrates, and when you are a match to your desire, Law of Attraction puts you and your desire in the same place.

Abraham – Feel the Freshness of Your “Eternal” Now

• The Creative Process is really a four-part process.

  1. Step one, is knowing what you don’t want. That part’s not hard, is it? Easy to know what you don’t want.
  2. Step two, is knowing what you do want. That part’s easy too. It’s a product of step one because when you know what you don’t want you always, in that moment, know much more clearly what you do want.
  3. Step three, that’s the step most of you miss, and that’s the most important one. Step three is once you know what you want, you have to feel it. Once you know what you want, you have to feel it…
  4. Step four the Universe delivers to you, you see.


• Guest: … You make it sound so easy!

ELIAS: And it is! YOU complicate your reality. It is QUITE simple, but you are fascinated in this physical reality with complications! You are fascinated with intricacies and analyzation and games! You create extensive, immense labyrinths within your realities that you may explore!

Elias – Session 646

• So at any given moment do the thing that excites you the most that you are capable of acting on at that given moment. And that is how you will know what you are ‘supposed to’ do. Life is supposed to be effortless. And therefore, when you act upon what excites you the most, it will be because you know that when you do what you love to do, you do not feel like you are expending effort. And you do not experience the passage of time because you are not creating as much of it. You are living in the now. And when you live in the now, you become ageless — literally….

Bashar – Transforming Our Beliefs to Create a New Reality

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