This wonderful message from P’taah is the best you can read while relaxing and chilling in your holidays. “You will never be more perfect than you are in this moment!” as P’taah says…  Who wants more!

You know, this transformation of the consciousness of humanity is not about you struggling to be spiritual. It is not about you struggling to be good. You are already grand and powerful spiritual beings.This is not about being good. It is about being the grandest truth of who you really are. So we would say it is time to stop the struggle and simply focus on the allowance for the unfoldment of the knowledge that you are absolutely, in every Now moment, no matter how it seems, a Perfect and Eternal Expression of Creation.

You will never be more perfect than you are in this moment. That is the grandest truth. You will never be more perfect because you are an extension of the Mind of Creation.

And you are eternal. This lifetime is one of hundreds and hundreds of lifetimes. You have come forth from your grandeur, from your Goddess/Godness, to  experience life in this dimension of reality.

And it is not about escaping this reality to some other kind of plane. You already exist in every other plane of existence.

This is about coming to see the perfection in this plane of reality. You have chosen it after all. So it is to know that you have a choice in how you will be in this reality.

Many of you are desiring enlightenment to escape the fear and the pain of this life and we say to you, there is nothing ‘out there.’ There is no place to escape from.

And the way that you transform the fear and pain is here in this reality, not in some other realm. So in other words, this is about learning to be all that you can possibly be in this life.

In this Now you have a choice about how you will be in this life to experience more love, more joy, more peace and tranquility, more creative fulfillment in your day-to-day life.

This is your sovereign right. And it does not exist simply by having more money, although indeed you are all entitled to that also. You are entitled to have whatever you desire to create more wondrousness in your life.

You are the sovereign beings. You are eternal. You have a choice now and the choice is simply this — love or fear. And fear is all of the negativity of lack, the idea of lack.

So, as you change that focus from lack to abundance, then indeed you are really, really creating a transformation, first of all by knowing that you have the power to change it all.  Because you are the Goddess and the God playing the game called life, you may play it any way you want. And absolutely there is no judgment about how you play this game, hmm? No judgment.

You come forth, you play this game and when you are tired of the game and when you have garnered all of the wisdom or lack of wisdom that you are going to, then you move on! And you are experiencing all of these other lifetimes right now because outside of this time continuum there is no time, in a way, or not as you understand it to be. So all of the lifetimes are simultaneous.

Q: That makes my brain hurt, P’taah!

P’taah: Well fortunately, my beloved one, you do not need to wrap your mind around this stuff to acknowledge that it exists.

When you can really acknowledge that time is a no-thing, in a way, and that all things are occurring Now — by that we mean all of the past lives and all of the future lives are all occurring now, and indeed alternate selves are operating in third density, in this reality, each as valid as you — then indeed you can see how creative you are and you can really allow that creativity to flow to create whatever it is that you desire for your life. Does that make sense?

P’taah channelled by Jani King

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