Again a very interesting session with Bashar about how we create reality. What he is saying is that we can never change the world but shift to a parallel reality which represents the change we have made inside. So change is a shifting – an individual shifting – to another reality which then is representative of the “new self”…

Q: It’s really exciting because we have great opportunity like you were saying to turn this mass darkness into light  and so I’m wondering what insights you have, you know is this more….

Bashar: Well you’re giving yourself an opportunity to understand more clearly what kind of a world you prefer, by first creating a world that you don’t prefer. Because sometimes in your civilization, because of the way you are brought up, because of the belief system you’ve bought into, it’s sometimes easier to know what it is you are by first experiencing what it is you are not. And thus forcing yourself, in a sense, in a certain direction. We call this, by using an aspect of your language, the watermelon seed principle. When you place yourself in a circumstance, like a watermelon seed between thumb and forefinger, and you squeeze and squeeze and squeeze and squeeze yourself to where you have nowhere else to go, suddenly you will shoot out in a new direction, an unexpected direction, with a new insight and an understanding of how to transform something you didn’t have before. So sometimes that’s how you do it.

You put yourself in a vice to force yourself to see something in a new direction to heretofore was invisible to you. (Q: Mmmm.) So that’s what you can do if you wish. At the same time, you can again simply recognize these are opportunities to look at alternatives that are far more representative of who you prefer to be and what you prefer your world to be. Now, please again understand very clearly:

You never actually change the world you’re on – EVER! You change yourself and then you shift to a parallel Earth reality that’s already more representative of the change you made within yourself and is already populated by beings that are more representative of that vibration. But the world you used to exist on still exists, somewhere else, still populated by versions of yourself or other beings that are more representative of the vibration you no longer are. You are constantly shifting from parallel reality to parallel reality – now listen – billions of times per second! That’s what time is!

The experience you call time, movement, change, space, is your consciousness shifting billions of times per second, from parallel Earth to parallel Earth to parallel Earth to parallel Earth, a little bit different, a little bit different, a little bit different, a little bit different, but totally different, totally different, totally different. The only reason you don’t know you’re doing it is because the parallel Earths your shifting to are so similar to the one you just left, you hardly notice the change. But if you make a GREATER change in your energy, you’ll shift to a parallel Earth that is MORE different than the one you just left. And you’ll start to NOTICE that you’re shifting all the time, because of the difference between the two.

But you’re constantly shifting, and that constant shifting, billions of times per second, from parallel reality to parallel reality is what creates the side-effect, or illusion you call time – in much the same way that you know – frames on a film strip are static. Each frame has no movement in it. Each parallel reality has absolutely no motion in it whatsoever. But when you move the film strip in front of the projector light, and the light goes through the frames, in sequence, it creates on your theater screen the illusion of space, time, and movement. Physical reality is exactly structured that way. When you keep shifting from parallel reality to parallel reality, you are literally shifting through all those realities billions of times a second. But there is no motion at all in any given single parallel reality. That’s how time works.

Bashar in “The Four Laws of Creation” (May 26, 2012 – Silverado, CA)

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