In his Audio Session 3051 Elias explores the actual wave of feelings which is is addressing to creation and is addressing to senses and these are very interconnected with  feelings. They trigger feelings. Senses are a part of  the functioning of  body consciousness and the body consciouness stores memory and associations. Therefore knowing more about the mechanism of  feeling  is very important for deliberate choosing which means nothing less than freedom. And btw. Elias gives a brilliant definition of anger:

And what is anger? Anger is the expression of perceiving you have no choices; therefore it is denial. You cannot, for you have no choices: That is anger. And your genuine self will rail against denial, regardless of what it is. When you deny yourself you automatically are railing against yourself and you turn that railing into discounting yourself.

Another point, in relation to feelings, which can become more empowering to all of you is that, generally speaking, individuals perceive feelings as out of their control – they merely occur – and that you do not choose feelings and that you don’t control them. They happen and you do not control the intensity of them. That if they are intense, they are intense, and you are powerless to change that. That is not entirely correct. You CAN change feelings and you CAN manipulate them for they are very connected with your body consciousness and you DO instruct your body consciousness. In this, you can express messages to your body consciousness, in relation to time, in very simple actions. It is not necessary to incorporate an objective recall of a memory, but a very simple action of looking at your timepiece, your watch, or your clock, or your calendar, in a moment in which you are feeling, but you cannot connect the feeling to what is occurring in the moment – the simple action of allowing your self to engage your senses and look at some object that designates time – that immediately instructs your body consciousness: “This feeling may not be associated with now. It is possible that this feeling is associated with another time.” But your body consciousness will not automatically do that itself; it will not consider time, for time is irrelevant to you body consciousness. More…

And he gives an example with food which can trigger unconscious associations and feelings. Of course it is valuable for any other situation where uncomfortable feelings emerge which one does not understand:

I would express to you, to also – and this can be applied to any other type of situation – when you are before your plate of food and you are noticing your feeling, and perhaps you are noticing a slight amount of anger, allow yourself to pause. First, engage time. First, remind your body consciousness, “This is a time factor. This is not now. This feeling is not now.” And once you have done that – which you can accomplish that in a moment – once you have done that, look at your plate of food and play with it. Visualize it. Play with it. “What can I configure my peas into? How can I configure this steak? What does this steak remind me of? Ah, yes, my soup seems to be a yellow lake.” Play with it. For when you can allow yourself to disassociate, when you can stop that momentum of paying attention to it in a particular manner, “This is good for me. This is not good for me. This tastes delicious. This tastes sour. I do not like this, but I very much like this. I want to eat this and I do not want to eat that.” You are generating those very familiar habitual actions. You have created those patterns and those habits for years and years and years. When you can engage a very different action and employ your attention in a very different manner, you interrupt those patterns. And in the interruption of the pattern, you are reinstructing the body consciousness. You are expressing to it to be aware of time and you are expressing a new instruction to it, “I am viewing food different. I’m not listening to these old associations. I am choosing for it is my choice. This is a choice. And I am choosing to begin to practice viewing my food differently. And my food is not associated with weight, with appearance, with complexion. My food is merely my food – what I choose to consume or what I choose not to consume. And I am now reconfiguring my food into other objects. My peas are many, many, many, many, strange, green aliens. And, if I push them with my spoon, they bump into each other. And my steak is Uluru in Australia.”

This seems simplistic, and to many individuals, may even seem silly, but in actuality, those simplistic, silly actions that you intentionally choose to engage reconfigures your energy and it sends different messages to your body consciousness. And it is important to be communicating with your body consciousness, NOT JUST DOING TO. This is what you do with your body; you do TO it. And rather than doing TO it, do WITH  it. And engage it, communicate with it, and interact with it, rather than doing  TO  it or denying it.

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