Act on your passion and don’t forget, you must also be passionate about being passionate.
Never give up when negative thoughts look around.

Use your imagination:

Create a situation,  an action and a behaviour that takes you back to your passion.

Exhibit passion in order to create passion.

When you have a vision, a dream, a visualization  – do all to act it out to create matching vibrations.

Be hungry for that manifestation!

Be obsessed about being obsessed!

By that you create the vibrational state to attract what you want.

Wondering how to be passionate about passion?

If you are driven, possessed, obsessed you will do anything to create a vibration of passion in you all the time until there can be no other thought – no other choice.

If you find yourself feeling that your energy is vaining listen to the secret again – again – again – until you get it – until it becomes second nature…

Inondate yourself to the exclusion of all other techniques, all other tools…

These are some sentences of Bashar which he says in his wonderful workshop “The Secret Behind The Secret”.  I know with my heart that this is true and this gives a totally new dimension to “being obsessed”. The whole trick is to choose a passion – which is not always easy…

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