Your natural self is a balanced self; it is a healthy self. Allow yourselves to understand that a preoccupation with being healthy can sometimes be an indication of holding on to a belief of disease. The self that is balanced does not think about the idea of trying to be healthy.

You do not have to try to be healed; you do not have to try to heal others. All you need do is go to your center. You do not have to “try” to go to your center; your center is who you really are. All you have to do is allow yourself to be who you are. Healing is allowing, not making, not trying, not forcing; it is allowing. You have to “try” to be away from your center. You do not have to “try” to go back to your center. Just let go; relax the expectations. Relax the resistance and you automatically glide smoothly back into center.

These ideas and suggestions can work for each and every one of you, wherever and whenever you choose to use them. Trust that your sparkling creative imagination will create the changes that are reflective of the unique individual you happen to be. Let your imagination unfold and transform these suggestions in whatever way, shape or form feels best to you. Do not resist your natural self.

Trust it.
Believe in it.
It is who you are.

Healing is the product of integrating all of the differences you have created yourself to be, cherishing your diversity, but at the same time functioning as an integrated whole. You are all created to heal each other by being of service to each other, to create an atmosphere of support, help and guidance, to create a balance in your society between the supporting of the whole society and the supporting of yourself as an individual within that society. If you support the society at the expense of your individuality, you cannot support the society, because you will not be whole and balanced. If you support only yourself at the expense of your society, you will not support yourself, because you will have cut yourself off from your Universal support.

Healing is also a balancing of all the dynamics you experience in life. You are an individual, you are the whole society, each and every one of you. Heal yourselves with creativity and love by doing, with integrity, what is in your heart to do. And if you choose to, share these ideas of integration and balancing and healing, put them out for your world to see in art; apply them in any form your imagination so desires, so the vibration will be everywhere.

Do you understand?

Believe Yourself

Bashar on Healing


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