There are so many channelled messages “out” there, that it is impossible to keep track. However, today, I found a message in a mailing list from Kryon of Magnetic Service , channelled by Lee Caroll, which touched me mainly because the “Parable of the rainbow room” fits so exactly to what is happening actually on Earth with den CO2 hysteria.  It is an excerpt from a session called “2011 And Beyond”, a live channelling given in Boulder, Colorado on January 16,  2011. Kryon is very exact in his statements about Earth and Humanity and he is certainly a wonderful source of wisdom.

I want to give you a parable, a metaphor of life, and it goes like this. There is a room we will call the Rainbow Room. In this room, all the colors of the rainbow present themselves linearly, one at a time, and they change every few thousand years. The room needs this to exist, and that’s why it’s called the Rainbow Room. For thousands of years, the room is yellow, then it turns into the blue and the red, the purples, the greens and slowly, the room goes through all the colors of the rainbow. The colors take their turn in the spectrum, one at a time.

In this room, I would like to introduce you to some creatures – smart, intelligent and sacred, all born during a time when the color in the room was red. Their parents were also born during the red cycle, and even their grandparents. In fact, as far back as they had recorded history, the room was always red. It’s all they’ve ever known. Therefore, you might say they have a red consciousness and they expect red. Everywhere they go, they work with red. They are the red people.

Over time, the Rainbow Room starts to do what it always has done and slowly begins to move into its next color, purple. The room starts to become purple. What happens to those who have always known red? The first thing is fear. The red people say, “Here comes something odd and unusual, and it has never happened before! It’s dark and somehow scary. We must have done it. We must be responsible. There is no other explanation! Therefore, we must find ways to stop the purple. It’s supposed to be red. Purple is bad.”

But even among the red people, there are a few who say, “We welcome the purple. We don’t know why it’s here, but we recognize that it’s appropriate. Although we’ve always been red and we don’t understand the purple, we’re not afraid of it. Ancient esoteric prophesy told us that someday a shift in the red would come. God bless the purple.” And that’s the energy you sit in now, dear ones, for that which has been normal on this planet for all of these thousands of years is about to shift. When it does, it’s going to present more anomalies than birds falling out of the sky or fish washing up on the shore or melting ice caps. More…

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