This is a brilliant explanation of what the buddhist philosophy probably means with desirelessness which mean that the suffering of life can be ended only by halting the process of desiring. Abraham says that desire is natural and that it is even the driving force in humans and therefore he don’t blame desiring but rather shows which mental tools have to be activated to fulfill easily and without effort any intentention. The cause of suffering is not desire but ignorance about the unlimited possibilities of an individual, so to speak…

We also say that when you’re in the Vortex the absence of things wanted does not occur to you. In other words, here’s the misunderstanding that you have. And as we speak this here, it is going to help all of you a great deal. This Vortex is an emotional state of being-ness. It is not a place of having-ness. In other words, it is an emotional state of being-ness. It is your in this moment response to life. It’s the merging of you and you.

Analotus Light Body - Cristal It’s a vibrational state. It’s an emotional state. It’s not a place. It’s not stuff. It’s not relationships with others. It’s the relationship with you.

So, it’s a state of being. And we have to say to you that when you get chronically and consistently inside this emotional state, in this vibrational place where you are feeling so whole and so clear and so in alignment with who you are, there is no absence of wanted things.

In other words, the reason you want that relationship is so you will feel like this and when you feel like this the relationship becomes a non-issue. And that’s the thing that sort of trips some people up is that they don’t want therelationship to be a non-issue and we say, yes you do. You want the absence of the relationship to be a non-issue because you want to be able to achieve the emotional state of bliss regardless of the things that are going on around you.

And when you chronically achieve that then that’s when the manifestations start sweeping in to your experience. That’s when your real life experience mimics or replicates your emotional experience but when you clutter the two when you confuse the two, when you think the Vortex is the place where, and we know we have said those words, we say get in the Vortex where everything that you want is. But we want to clarify that by saying, get into the Vortex where your emotional state of being is one of worthiness, and confidenceness and completeness and certainty and stability and elation and passion and when that is your habit of thought, when that is the way you feel then out here in this real world that you live all of the actualization that replicates that vibrational accomplishment must come to you.

So, what happens is you get in and you feel that way and then you take score and then you don’t feel that way, so you get in and feel that way and then you take score and then you don’t feel that way. So, what we are wanting to assist you in no longer doing is taking score.

We want – what we really want – is something many of you resist. We want the vortex and the way it feels in the Vortex to be enough for now. It feels this, it’s this much to feel this good.

It’s sort of like someone living in a rental and lamenting the fact that they don’t own it and we say, but look no one else is trying to get their groceries in the refrigerator. No one else is trying to park their car in the garage. No one else is trying to get in the back yard and mow the lawn. That might be a good thing. In other words, accept the essence of this and then however you want it to really play out in your life will be, but as long as there is a feeling of lack that is chronically active then you can’t get there from there.

Abraham – Tahiti Cruise 2009

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