Scientists and geologists all agree the Earth has experienced many pole shifts in the past. There is growing evidence that the Earth’s magnetics are definitely changing and the changes are accelerating.

For years Sheldan has educated us about Earth’s physical transformation which includes a pole shift.  But not the kind most people talk about. Sheldan Nidle tells us we will not have a pole reversal which would continue to have Earth as a bi-polar planet; but instead, Earth’s pole shift will be where the north pole surrounds the surface of Gaia and the south pole migrates inward creating a mono-polar planet. This makes sense because spiritually we are transforming from a reality based on duality – up/down, north/south, black/white, good/bad, beautiful/ugly, rich/poor etc., to a reality based on Unity – cooperation, non-competition, sovereignty, oneness and Love. Our next pole shift is a leap in consciousness – a transition from a 3D reality to a 5D reality.

Videos from NOAA about the Pole Shift
Magnetic North Pole Shifts Forces Runway Closures at Florida Airport
via Paoweb

The pole shift might be one of the reasons, why Kiesha Little Grandmother gave an advice to wear a quartz crystal to link to the new energies. I don’t know if it helps, but I like the idea and I wear now some quartz crystals…

Complete Love is based on a profound inner compassion for your soul’s growth and a sincere outer compassion for each other.
Quote from Your First Contact

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