Chief Joseph: The topic of manifesting comes up so often in our work with John. So here we are discussing it again today. Even though manifesting what you ask for is a simple process, many humans still struggle with it. It does not have to be a struggle. Yet it is, for various reasons. Manifesting anything you want, big or small, should be easy. It can be easy if you allow it to be. It’s a simple three-step process.

First, you ask. Any time you have a desire, you’ve automatically asked.

Second, the Universe answers your desire.

Third, you, the asker, allow it to come to you.

That third step is the big bad bugaboo for many of you. You are very inventive when it comes to blocking your manifestations.

You don’t feel worthy. You believe nothing should be easy. You don’t believe you can have what you want simply by asking (instead of struggling and working hard). Someone talks you out of what you want. The list is endless.

But all these blocks have one thing in common. They are at a lower vibration. Your desire, your asking is at a high vibration. You must remain at that high vibration to receive the manifestation. If you do not, you slow it down, or stop it altogether.

If you  just get out of the way, you’ll get what you want quickly. In this case (described below) , almost instantaneously.

Manifesting, friends, is that easy, that simple. You always get what you ask for unless you get in the way.

*John Cali: It’s over an hour-long, 40-mile drive on a narrow winding mountain road from Cody, Wyoming (USA) where I live. To me it’s one of the most beautiful roads on the planet. The scenery is simply spectacular. Every time I’ve gone up there over the past 23 years or so, I feel like I’m going home again.

Since the ranch is west of town I was driving into the bright sun, by now hovering low over the late-afternoon horizon.

I thought I wasn’t going to be able to enjoy the gorgeous mountain and valley views so much with the sunlight in my face all the way out to the ranch. “Oh well,” I said to myself, “I’m going to enjoy the ride anyway.” I just let it go.

A mile or two out of town a dark cloud suddenly appeared and covered the sun. The rest of the sky was mostly crystal clear and bright blue.

That cloud stayed over the sun for my entire hour-plus trip, even though it was a wildly windy day. So I got to enjoy the spectacular alpine views without being half-blinded by bright sunlight.

I figured there must be a message in this. So that’s why I asked Chief Joseph.

John Cali channels Chief Joseph

Don't fight. Feel!

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