This is an excerpt of a very interesting and enlightening session  from Elias who speaks also about crisis.  The whole session deals mainly about associatons and can be found at  Eliasweb.

I will express to you one encouragement that may not seem to be an encouragement presently, but in actuality, it is a physical example that your planet, that your world, is actually shifting and that you can visibly see. The turmoil that you perceive in your world presently in actuality is not what it seems. It may be frightening to many individuals, that it appears that your foundations are somewhat crumbling, but in actuality, this is a sign of you are shifting. Many changes will occur in this shift, and they have begun. What you view to be bad or devastating economically is actually the birth pangs of a new foundation and a new order, for your old systems do not fit any longer in your new reality. This change is not occurring immediately, but it has begun.

Many individuals are and will be experiencing physical affects. Many individuals may be experiencing what they think of as a lack of motivation, but it is not actually a lack of motivation. It is a lack of motivation in relation to what is familiar.

Let me express to you, as I have recently with some individuals, one significant factor that is being affected is the body consciousness. For, you think that memory is held or stored in your mind. Memory is not stored in your mind. Memory is stored in your body consciousness. Every experience that you have ever engaged has been logged and stored and retained in your body consciousness. This is actually a very efficient action for you. For when you generate new experiences, your body consciousness retains old experiences and can reference them, which allows you to engage your thought mechanism to reason and to provide yourselves with logical or rational explanations for what you are experiencing. The difficulty presently is that you are moving into a time framework and an energy and experiences that are new. They are unfamiliar and some of which are even unknown.

He defines associations btw as

An association is what you form or what you create in relation to an experience.  You generate an experience and you create an assessment of the experience, which includes a judgment, good or bad.  Once that association is formed, it generally remains with you. Simply and clearly, an association is the assessment that you generate in relation to an experience that includes a judgment.

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