There are many parts contained in it which we did not spend much time devoted to. Part will deal with your present situation of your planetary condition and weather. You are struck by the unusualness of your present weather conditions. At the same time your planet experiences, now and in your recent past, many eruptions in planetary conditions. Earthquakes. These conditions, I will express to you, are of your creation. We were speaking of your circle being completed. This is part of this circle. I have explained this shift to be a global event. All that concerns your planet is affected by your thoughts, and impulses, and emotional focuses. In any emergence from one state to another, there will be disruption in energy. This is what you are experiencing presently.

Make no mistake that you do not create these disturbances yourselves, collectively. You do. You speak of your planet in terms of Mother Nature. This is an invented term you have assigned to your earth. You are Mother Nature. All that ‘she’ accomplishes, you are accomplishing. There is no separate entity of nature. You are the driving force and creating element of all natural processes. This is why I spoke comically at our last session, saying to you that your Christians should be more concerned with not creating earthquakes than they are in flying away with this Rapture. If they wish to fly away this is all right, but they will more likely create physical elemental disturbances in energy in your physical focus before they fly away. Elias

So, what Elias is saying that we as humans create the weather however not by driving cars etc. but by emotional expulsions so to speak. So the more someone is concerned about “the climate crisis”, the more he will create the undesired. This is law: Where you give your attention to will be created. So all these people “fighting” global warming etc. create more and more of what they fight. So often good intentions lead to hell – by unconsciousness about the Universal laws.

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