from The 9th Dimensional Pleiadian Collective

Greetings dears.  We are very happy to have the opportunity to speak with you again.

“Global Warming” has been discussed for approximately the past 25 to 30 years because you have seen a shift in your weather patterns, a shift in the temperature of your global climate.  But to tell you that this is caused solely by man’s use of carbon dioxide is erroneous.  It is a fallacy. “Global Warming” is one of the largest illusions, one of the largest lies, that is being perpetrated at this time.  For those of you who are new to our communications, let us start at the beginning.

Earth is beginning her transition from the third into the fourth and eventually the fifth dimension.  The fourth dimension is more of a transitory space for Earth and humans to adjust to the new higher frequencies.  It is not unusual for a planet to ascend.  Just as humans realize they’ve learned about all they can from an experience and must move forward, so do celestial bodies.  But what is unique is that the celestial body Earth will be making that transition along with her inhabitants.  As we always like to say, we don’t know exactly how this will play itself out because it’s never been done before.  You are taking your emotional body from the third to the fourth dimension, bringing with you all unresolved issues to clear and process.  We are very excited to see how you do with the challenge.

Climate changes are not all that uncommon with the transition of a planet.  As it transitions, it receives instructions from its central star.  Each star is like a metronome, keeping the rhythm and pace for celestial bodies as they move through grand cycles of development.  But the Sun herself is going through many changes, preparing to shift her frequency as well.  And with the chaotic flow of new frequencies entering and old patterns passing, there is a disbursement of energy.  As more energy is disbursed from the Sun, more heat is directed to Earth, which in turn affects her balance.  Along with this comes increased overall temperature.  It is a signal to mother Earth that it is time to move forward.

While we tell you that many of the changes are caused by the increased solar activity, please note it is not the only cause.  There have been numerous experiments by your governments which have caused major imbalances and created dramatic displays of nature’s force as Mother Earth attempted to re-established balance.  From our higher perspective, we see these experiments too as part of the learning process which allows Earth and her inhabitants the opportunity to grow.  With the ever changing and shifting of your foundation, comes the ability for you to release the old and build anew.

As we have spoken to you before there are other beings who are manipulating many of the global events to meet their own agenda.  We are speaking of the Anunnaki.  For those of you who are unfamiliar with the Anunnaki let us say that they too are playing their part in Earth’s ascension process.  They have donned the role of the darkest of dark and you have agreed to assist them on their journey back to source.  It is not our intention to create fear in you.  We only wish to awaken you to the game in which you are playing, unaware of its existence.  For once you know the game and understand the rules, you can have a bit of fun.

As with all games played by the Anunnaki there is a thin line being walked.  While they highlight “Global Warming”, they also highlight the need for you to be more mindful of your connection to the Earth.  Knowing this, they play upon solutions that do not reconnect you to the planet energetically.  Their solutions play on your fear and provide you with a false sense of action.  A perfect example of this would be compact fluorescent light bulbs.  Fluorescent lighting is very hard on the human body.  It impacts your higher brain functions.  The disruptive wave of the light is not in harmony with the frequencies of your bodies and creates disruption in your central nervous system and blocks proper neural functions.  While presenting you with a “solution” to “Global Warming” they are able to further their own agenda and disrupt your connection to source and planet.

You are currently existing in a perceived world of lack, and it is a mindset that is being perpetuated.  We want to make you aware of this.  We want to get you familiar with these patterns that are blatantly presented to you, to the point where they are becoming transparent.  The ultimate goal here of global warming and the notion of eliminating CO2 levels is to expand your nuclear programs, to build more nuclear reactors which will be touted as an alternative energy source.  This is the agenda that is going to be pushed. We want to make you aware of that as well because nuclear reaction is not the answer. Every world that has ever utilized this technology has found that it is destructive.  The use of this technology, this knowledge, in the 3rd dimension is not healthy, not in harmony with the human species.

Nuclear power will be pushed because it is a strong energy source, one that the Anunnaki have been able to refine (such as it can be).  They still have not learned to live in balance with a celestial body.  This is a lesson you, humanity, will teach them. Remember what you learn here in this process of clearing and ascension will be etched in the history books of the universe so others may learn from your experience.  As we have said before much of this universe in not a “free will” zone and with the end of this grand cycle and the mastery of balancing duality in 3d, many worlds will learn and grow in ways that are not normally available to them because they are “closed” systems. These master lessons are transmitted holographically.

The Anunnaki work with nuclear reaction to generate enough energy to create energetic portals.  This allows them the ability to access other worlds and to communicate with other systems.  Remember, they have become so entrenched in the dark energy of separation that they cannot access information as you can when you open to light and love.  They only have access therefore to lower level information.  Levels of information are restricted by emotional bodies.  The frequency of the emotional body can unlock the “vaults” as it were to the Hall of Records.  The accessible information is appropriate to their spiritual development.  Think of it this way.  They are not tall enough to reach the books on the top shelf and there is no ladder.  They must grow first, and then they may get it off the shelf.  It is all part of the universal game.  Rules and regulations are set up for each “playing arena” and certain skills must be acquired before you get to move on to an advanced game.  It is all illusion and all set up to learn about variations of experience, to learn of self.

It is important at this time that you begin to look at your connection to all living things and how you utilize the natural resources of the planet.  Are your habits in harmony with Mother Earth?  Consumption of natural resources is not the cause of a toxic world.  The toxicity is created when you are not consuming in balance with other living creatures.

We tell you from our multidimensional perspective that there are unlimited resources of abundance.  But your current perception of reality says there is limitation and lack.  As you begin to enter into the multidimensional perspective you will begin to see that the most toxic “chemicals” you subject the Earth to are your emotions.  The war you create is absolutely devastating.  The more anger, fear, and hatred, the more limitation and lack you create.  That is far more damaging to the Earth than any chemical you could pump into the air.

As you question the best method to heal your planet, know that perceiving your world as toxic and working externally keeps you in the 3rd dimensional mindset.  Until you begin to see the situation from a multidimensional perspective, you will remain on the treadmill forever striving for a goal that is unachievable.  And it is unachievable until you can shift your perspective and see that the Earth is a reflection of you and you begin to heal yourself.  When you understand that Earth is simply a reflection of your inner emotional state as a group, as a mass consciousness, you can change the toxicity of the Earth by changing the toxicity of your own body.  Currently, there are many beings on your planet who are quite ill and Earth is a reflection of that.  You are holographic in nature.  What happens to the microcosm happens to the macrocosm.  Or simply put – as above, so below.

It is also important that you begin to see your world as flourishing.  She is teeming with new life and opportunity.  It is vital that you see her as healthy and in a state of growth rather than something that is ill that must be fixed.  This notion of illness can be very detrimental to the psyche of the planet.  The more you think of Earth as a toxic world, the more toxic a world you will create.  You create that which you are focused on.

For those of you who stubbornly defend what you are being sold, let us suggest this. Investigate what other scientists are finding.  Research the story you are being told and see who prospers from your deception.  We tell you, you are being controlled and manipulated as a group.  You plainly see what is happening with your Earth, but because you have yet to fully embrace your power as a species and have forgotten your ability to create, you look to traditional answers and for someone to solve the problem for you .

You think you are just one being and how can your opinion matter?  Well it matters.  It matters a great deal.  Once you understand that it is you who have created a toxic world from your inner emotions you can heal it by working internally.  If 144,000 out of the 6 billion of you can see this and make a change, you can create a new template for others to follow and will begin to see a change in the planet.

Yes, each of you matters a great deal…

Many well wishes, dears.

There is nothing to add. Global Warming, Agenda 21, War against Terrorism and Drugs, other wars…. are all methods to enslave humanity. Once we can see this – and as the Pleiadian Collective says, “these patterns that are blatantly presented to you” on e can take action and never buy again into the lies of our very unwise “leaders”….

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