So what we advocate is wonderfully encapsulated in the triple A…
Acknowledge what it is that you are experiencing in this moment. If you deem that this brings you certain kinds of inner conflict or turmoil or an undesirable state then you can address that. One of the quickest ways is to utilize the greatest gift you have, the ability to choose, choose another state, not by ignoring the first, because you need to acknowledge it.

Addressing the situation is recognizing that you have a choice to live something differently in this moment.

Accept yourself in both your undesirable and desirable state.

This simple three stage process can very quickly put you in that lovely middle place as you described, knowing that you are first of all not any feelings that you are experiencing, you are not your feelings. They are a statement of your mood as it were, that you can quickly acknowledge, address and accept. Does that make sense to you?


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