The Crop Circle Season is finished for this year and again we saw wonderful formations, mainly in England but also throughout the whole world.  The phenomenon is also well-known by African shamans. One of them – The Zulu Shaman Vusamazulu Credo Mutwa – writes in his book  “Isilwane: The Animal – Tales and Fables of Africa ” about how crop circles appeared in his country. In this excerpt of the book he also interpretes some English crop circles that have been showed to him…

The world in which we live is more miraculous than we know. There are things which go on in our world about which we know nothing. Credo Mutwa

(…) At harvest time, we left some of our corn standing so that passing birds could share in the bounty of our fields and, by sharing, bless us and ensure us of plenty of food. Sometimes large fields of corn and millet were planted. These were sacred to the goddess and were offered to the vast armies of birds to eat. No human being could enter the sacred cornfield.

The sacred fields were ploughed far from the ordinary millet, maize and corn, as they were left unfenced. Over centuries, people had discovered that the star gods sometimes communicated with human beings through these sacred fields. Time and again, strange circular depressions were seen in the centre of these fields. These depressions were called „Izishoze Zamatongo“, the great circles of the gods.

These circles were an amazing sight to see. The gods never cut the stalks of corn or millet when they form these depressions. It appears as though a great circular, disk-shaped force has descended on the field. It pressed the corn firmly into the ground, without breaking the stalks or damaging the plants. Then the force appears to spin, resulting in the strange spiral appearance of the fallen stalks. Words cannot describe such a phenomenon, which I have seen more than thirty times in the course of my life as a traditional healer. Whenever a circle appeared in the fields, the people rushed to erect a fence of poles around the circle. They would dance and perform other sacred rituals honouring the star gods and the Earth Mother.

All the kings and chiefs awaited the arrival of these circles. The appearance would be cause for celebrations that lasted several days. These celebrations were accompanied by prayers to the gods to watch over the people and to talk to them through the sacred circles.(…)
(MUTWA 1996, 23)

Credo Mutwa
Dreams, Prophecies, and Mysteries (Song of the Stars)
Indaba My Children: African Folktales

The whole article is an excerpt by the book of John E. Mack:
Passport to the Cosmos: Human Transformation and Alien Encounters
Andreas Müller from Kornkreis-Forschung has published the article of John E. Mack and translated it also into German.

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