The question which was asked to Bashar was about a treatment for cancer – for liver cancer.  His answer however is valuable for all kind of  diseases. He speaks especially about “magnetic fields” and the body as an “electric battery” and how this knowing can serve to create methodologies of healing.

Bashar: All right. Now: we have shared with many of you, at many times, some ideas about what you might call physiological treatment for any type of disease at all. It will always depend upon your belief system, primarily, as to whether any of these ideas will work for you, however. And it will always depend upon the reason for why you have attracted the idea and created it into your life. For if you have a good enough reason to hang on to it, you will – regardless of any so-called cure. Because only individuals cure themselves, no matter whom they go to. So there are many ideas, many ideas.

First of all: one idea can be to understand, from what you may call a consciousness point of view, the symbolism of what you may call the filtering system, in that sense, of the liver. And to recognize that if you believe there are ideas – cancerous ideas – within a consciousness and that they must be filtered out, then that may not actually be an integration process. It may be a process of trying to segregate those ideas from you, not accepting them as a part of you to be balanced, blended and transformed, rather than gotten rid of, or expelled from the consciousness. Sometimes a reaction to the idea of attempting to get rid of what you may believe to be negativity or cancerous ideas within you can cause a build-up in organs that symbolize the idea of the filtration system of the body.

To some degree, this has been some of the primal reasons for the general creation of that disease. So, first and foremost, if an individual begins to understand – metaphysically-speaking, as you say, consciously speaking, as you say, energy-speaking, as you say – that it is not about getting rid of anything, but about integrating, facing, and going through the ideas; then you can transform ideas into methodologies, into ideas, into opportunities that serve, rather than trying to get rid of them as if they have no business being in anyone’s life.

Now, one very strong methodology, which your society is only just now beginning to play around with, I shall say – and I do not mean that derogatorily – is the idea that the body is an electrical conduit, a magnetic conduit. And you can create electrical fields, magnetic fields, very strong fields vibrating at certain frequencies, one of which would be seven and one-half cycles per second, the frequency, electromagnetically speaking, of your planet. And by immersing a body in that electromagnetic field, you can create a conducive, literally, a conductive atmosphere that may allow the person immersed in that field to allow themselves to realign with the natural field of the earth. For when an individual is balanced with the natural electromagnetic field of the earth, there can be no disease at all of any type, in any way, shape or form.

That is one way to create such a magnetic field. You have just recently in your society invented devices called magnetic resonance imaging scanner devices. Some of these are used to diagnose, but tuned to different frequencies, they can also be used to cure – something that your scientists are only just beginning to realize. Also the idea has been discussed, and much literature exists in your society, about the notion of treating the physiological body like what you would call an electric battery, and simply recognizing disease as being out of potential, out of electrical balance. Recreating an electrical balance in the body will allow the energy systems to flow in the natural way they need to: realign and flush out and transform all the imbalance back into a balanced state.

These are two of the strongest ways. There may be other ideas that come up that you may call cures of various types. But every kind of a cure that you invent, if it works for an individual, will only be an exteriorized reflection of what you already believe is possible for you.  And remember that even in the creation of disease, even though it may start out from an invalidational and judgmental point of view – from a negative point of view – recognize that because you are choosing your reality, that someone who even chooses a disease, does so out of strength. Because they know they can handle whatever it is that disease will teach them, one way or another. So if you look at the idea from the point of view of strength instead of weakness, then you can self-empower the being to recognize that they, in creating it, have the opportunity to create it in another way, to transform it into another creation.

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