Elias speaks here not specially about Swine Flu but rather about different illnesses, also collective or pandemic illnesses and assesses that they are a choice….

I am understanding that within physical focus, it is quite easily expressed that individuals hold a thought process that they understand and accept that they are actually creating certain identifications of what you may express to be illness or malady, and that they are choosing to be creating this.

But in actuality, underlyingly, they are not entirely accepting that they are in actuality choosing to be creating this, for you also create an objective thought process that separates.

You think to yourself that there is some other aspect of you, some subconscious or unconscious or hidden part of yourself — even terming it to be subjective awareness, which are terms that I have offered — that appears to create elements within your reality that you do not control or that you are not actually choosing, for your objective choice within your thoughts is to NOT be choosing this.

Therefore, a key element in these types of situations — or in this creation that you engage — is not merely to be recognizing in some theoretical fashion that you are creating your reality, but that you are actually CHOOSING to be creating in this expression.

Now; let me also express to you, the glory of widening your awareness
is the discovery objectively that YOU HOLD CHOICE.

As you realize that you are CHOOSING to be creating certain expressions in genuineness, you also begin to realize that you may choose other choices and create other expressions or avenues within yourself and what you express.

The reason that you do not alter your choice is that you do not in actuality view that you are choosing it. For if you are choosing, you hold the power of your direction, but if you are not choosing, you are powerless. If you are not choosing, then you are being dictated to and you are being manipulated by another force.

In this, you view the dis-ease to be its own force. It is its own entity, and therefore it creates the choices for you. You are not creating the choices of it. It is itself, and it is creating the choices for you and dictating to you.

Now; this is the belief and the strength of the belief, and this belief limits your choices and creates an ineffectiveness in your movement, in relation to what you are creating and in relation to your wants.

Now; I shall express to you, choice is a wondrously empowering expression. I shall also express to you, quite definitely, that there are no victims — not within this dimension, not within any dimension, not within any expression of consciousness. A victim is any expression that holds little or no choice, and you are not this.

Let me also express to you that the dis-ease is not separated from you.
It is not its own entity. It is not an element that is produced and thusly attacks you.
It IS you.

Therefore, what I am offering to you in information is a manner in which you may allow yourself to turn your perception ever so slightly and allow yourself to recognize that the malady, so to speak, IS you. It is not your creation — an entity or an expression that is projected outward — but it IS you. You ARE it.

In this, if the dis-ease is you, you are directing you. Therefore, you are directing it, for it is not an it! And in that understanding of what you are and what you are creating, you may open yourself in the realization that you may also choose other expressions.

Now; let me also express to you, every expression that you create is manifest through the choice of a probability. Every probability is chosen and actualized in the moment.


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