This is an excerpt from The Reconnections channelled by Daniel Jacob. Read the full article here. I think that this is a very good explication about “aliens”. On the site is a huge archive with very interesting channellings.There is also a sister site about Starchildren which too offers thrilling informations!

Children in Zimbabwe see an UFO ( traditional view of Extraterrestrials as being those who are indigenous to other planets or dimensions is really quite provincial, isn’t it? It is narrow and didactic, which your science (by itself alone) tends to be. It assumes that what appears to be over “there,” supposedly light years away, is arranged exactly as things are “here.” Or, perhaps there are variations, but the overall structure is the same. Your imagination runs wild, and all sorts of assumptions are assembled, which seek to explain the differences and similarities between the two societies.

But in the mind of the “Extraterrestrial,” there is no space between the two. Both “here” and “there” are the same. The distance is removed from the picture (or, rather, it never was there in the first place), and the familial relationship is ongoing, with no lapses or gaps in between. There are no planetary divisions, and never were, and there is no distinction between Earthlings and those “Not Of Earth.”

Does your leg consider your arm to be an “Extraterrestrial?” Does your nose see your hand as flying toward it, seeking to attack? When you view these beings, as from afar, it is you who suppose that they seek to dominate or liberate you—destroy or build upon you. It is your own nightmare, or perhaps, your own dream of redemption.

And that is well and good. You came to this dimension to explore, and explorers you truly are. But Extraterrestrials remain, basically, what you would call “homebodies.” The appearance of them as “traveling to meet you,” in ships or other such crafts, is a concoction of your own imagination. As such, it is still real—for all things that are created remain, and have life and meaning… more

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