Elias offers here another kind of “secret”. In reality he is making fun of people’s greed for paper, as he calls it, for paper money. I think what he is telling here is that creating i.e. money must be as naturally as buying milk in the store. Generally there is no doubt involved about buying milk. We are sure, that we will find it in any market. Elias says that creating money is as easy as that.  And I don’t speak about the creation of  the Universe…

In actuality, I shall offer you a slight secret. Many times I offer information to all of you in much more of a complicated fashion than is necessary. For if I answer you in the genuine answer, you shall be blankly staring at myself and you shall, subsequent to our interaction, be milling `round discussing with each other, “What did he say? What was that meaning? I do not understand.

There must be more, and he has eliminated some of the information.” No, but you are unfamiliar with the simplicity of actually creating.

Just as you automatically create your Universe, and give it no thought. You merely do it. But tremendous thought is incorporated in generating creating coins and paper: “How, how, how? Not enough, not enough!”

Billions of stars, but not enough paper and coins!


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