P’taah answers a question about fears and how to overcome them and he makes an interesting statement about trust…

Well, fearlessness is really simply ‘the knowing’, is it not? And I suppose that you could call that Mastery. All fear is based on a misperception.

The misperception that you are not whole, the misperception that you are not perfect, the misperception that you are not eternal and the misperception that death is the end of anything.

Question:  I don’t think we can be ‘separate from God’ like God is something outside. I think we’re all a part of that God.

Well, you know, the moment you say the word God, in a way, you are creating separation because in all of your religions, all of your teachings in the collective consciousness, God is something outside of you. That is why we usually do not use the word God. We may use the word Goddess because it is feminine principal, because it is embracive, because it is nurturing, because it has a sense of no separation.

We could say Goddess-God, Source, Unified Field of Consciousness, Creation, whatever. But whatever it is and whatever label you put on it, whatever you name the un-nameable, it is not separate from you. It is who you are, else you could not exist.

And yes, you do feel separate, and yes you do not know that you are an extension, if you like, of Creation. That you are Goddess-God playing this human game and that everything is perfect.

So fear keeps you in separation but you have been taught it also. You are not taught that you are an extension of the Mind of Creation. You are not taught that you are perfect and the deliciousment of being a Goddess-God.

About trust and it is only seemingly contradictory…

If you trust yourself and if you know that who you are is a Perfect, Eternal Expression of Source and if you know that everything is a perfect co-creation, then there is no point of trusting somebody. You trust who you are. You know who you are.

When you know that you are eternally in the arms of the God/Goddess, beloved, trust does not even enter into it. Trust, in a way, is an intellectual concept. It believes that things can be the opposite of what you desire.  Trust is of the mind,  knowing is of the heart. Does that make sense?

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