P’taah answers a question about the Inner Voice and how to distinguish it from fear and a question that may interest a lot of people about how to generate a lot of money. As always he is a great inspiration and help to find the desired solutions

P’taah, the great spiritual energy, channelled by Jani King,

Question: I find it difficult to differentiate between my inner voice and fear. Sometimes when I am about to do something and I have a bad feeling before doing it, it could be my inner voice warning me or it could be my fear blocking me from doing something. Could you tell me how it would be best to differentiate here? Or is there a difference?

P’taah: The inner voice has a certain feeling to it. There is a certain knowingness that accompanies the inner voice. We often say that it is a kind of comfort zone but sometimes it is so fleeting that you do not really have time to register. But there is a moment where there is a ‘knowingness’ that accompanies the inner voice that does not accompany the voice of fear, the voice of logical reason.

We cannot put it in a much other way than that, beloved, you know, and each of you are so different in your receptivity. But as you pay attention, and as you will also marry the feeling with a result, then you may say, “Ah! You know, there was a knowing that it would be like this.” Whereas usually if it is simply fear-based, there is not that knowing because it is a fear of the unknown, in a way, or unknown result. Does that make sense to you?

Q: Yes, it does.

P’taah: It is very subtle.

Question: Okay, my other question is that I have to create a lot of money to pay off my debt. How would I best do that?

P’taah: Well, the first thing we would say is to be open to receive it. Most of the time when you are in this fear of not being able to pay money, it is the fear of the ‘not having’ which blocks off the ‘having’. Or you say, “I can only do this by working very hard,” or by doing this or whatever.

And as you do so, then that becomes the truth of it. Nothing else is allowed. Every other possibility, every other miracle of the universe, is kind of locked out so that the only way that you can then manifest is through this idea-construct that you already have in place called, “I must work very hard.”

All right. Where you can consciously say, “My desire is to manifest, to bring forth, the money and I am open to any unexpected way the universe will support me,” you are allowing for the unexpected. You are allowing for that which you did not consciously know to be.

It is also to affirm each day the wealth and abundance that you live in. And as you say your daily thank you for the beautiful food that you put in your mouth, for your comfortable bed, for the support or for the loving relationship, for beautiful surroundings, for the opportunities to be in nature etc., for everything that you can think of, for this opportunity you have to fulfill a dream, and that you have the power of you that you have manifested this possibility, you understand?

So as you are, in a way, we would say, wallowing in the absolute abundance of your life, so as you are being in this resonance of abundance, then you are allowing the universe to support you.

Now this does also not mean that you do no-thing, but rather as you are in your activities, you are conscious that everything that you do is a step towards fulfilling this allowance for the universe to support you. Does that make sense to you?

Question: Yes, yes. But the problem is that in theory, I know all this. Then there is the feeling of, you know, basically lack and fear of lack.

P’taah: Indeed, beloved, but you see, this is what we are saying. As you say, “Yes, I know it in theory but…” you are saying it doesn’t work. What you are really saying is, “I get so caught up in the fear that I forget the truth of this.” So it is for you to be aware, as you find yourself in fear mode, that you stop, remind yourself of the greater truth, and affirm. In that moment, be in the ‘thank you.’ All right?

Question: Okay. Thank you, P’taah.

P’taah: Very well indeed. Once more, it is a grand pleasure to be in this communication. It is a great honor to serve you, and with greatest love, until the next time, we issue forth,


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