A knowing way to solve problems and transform the individual world are the 4 steps by Elias, channeled by Mary Ennis.  This is not fight which is a concentration on the unwanted events which persist therefore, but a very intelligent basic way of  “problem resolution”. This is valuable for individuals as well as complex societies which consist of individuals and therefore will also change by these means. IMO, most of the problems of the world are stuck in step 2 and even institutions with best intentions continue to stare at problems instead of going on…

Noticing • Identifying  • Adressing to • Allowing


4 Steps

1. What I am expressing to you is, you may be noticing initially that you are being affected. This is your first step, noticing WHAT is affecting of you and noticing your responses.

2.  Subsequently you move into your next step, which is to be identifying what is influencing you in this area, what is influencing your perception to be creating your responses, which are your belief systems. This is what is influencing and therefore creating your responses through your perception. This is the identification step. This is the second step, identifying. This is not addressing to yet. This is merely the second step. You have moved from noticing to identifying, and now you move into your third step. You have already identified the behaviors, the beliefs, the effects, the responses, the reactions, and once you have identified all of these, you move into your third step of addressing to these issues.

3.  Now; the addressing to is not to be continuing to concentrate upon all of the elements within step two. This is the purpose of step two, to be recognizing, identifying, examining. This area creates – for the most part, with many, many individuals – much conflict. This is your area of conflict, your step two, your identification phase, so to speak, and as you are continuing within all of these conflicts, you may also recognize that you are not addressing to yet. You are continuing to merely be identifying.

4:  As you move into your third step, you begin to allow yourself to release your hold upon all of this energy, recognizing in step three, so to speak, that have you already identified. You already recognize how very tightly you hold to your energy, how very automatically you respond and you react.



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