Remember, there is no expression within your reality that you are ACQUIRING. You do not acquire. You already possess. It is merely an expression of actualizing what you possess. That is accomplished in…

Paying attention to yourself
Accepting yourself and
Trusting yourself

and not wavering in doubt in the action of projecting your attention to another individual, preoccupying yourself with their choices, and distracting yourself from your direction and the freedom of your choices. For you snare yourself with the choices of other individuals and thusly express to yourself that you cannot create what you want for you are bound to the dictates of other individual, and this is not the case. Elias

You don’t have to worry about what their vibration is if your vibration is one of connection. Because if your vibration is one of connection — you’re going to dominate the vibration. This is the way you learn your relationships. The thing that most people do not understand, is that you get to control the way you feel, because you get to choose the thoughts you think. Most people think that they only have the option of responding to the circumstances that surround them. And that’s what makes them attempt the impossible, which is to control the circumstances around them, which only feeds their feeling of frustration and vulnerability, because it doesn’t take very much life experience to discover you can’t control all of those circumstances. But you can control your vibration. And when you control your vibration, you’ve controlled everything that has anything to do with you.


This is true positive feeling! Something to remember each day. It’s magic…


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