With a few simple changes of attitude you can install a new positive habitude. By this you are independant of the vibrations of other people and you are not so easily manipulable. This new attitude is the beginning of souvereignty so to speak, because you are able to determine your thoughts, imaginations and feeling  in each moment.

Smile firstHow to generate easily positive feelings

1. Take some moments after you wake up in the morning to configurate your day. Say to yourself that you have the intention to experience a wonderful day and that your wishes or one wish will be fulfilled. Be aware that it is your vibrations – positive or negative – that decides of the outcoming of this day.

2. Refuse to be in a negative mood or to take over negative vibrations of others automatically. If it happens, close your eyes for some seconds and generate a pleasing image.

3. Visualize several times a day your preferred imagination. See it, feel it and allow it. Don’t judge that this is daydreaming good for nothing,  but know that in your dreams, imaginations and meditations you generate everything  – every thing – you experience.

4. If anger and frustration show up wait some seconds before reacting to disrupt automatism. Spin around or make some dancing steps. This breaks the resistance and the reaction is free of automatic relics.

5. Smile more because when you smile the mirror – your world – smiles back.

Find your own mental-tools to change impeding attitudes into Positive Feelings!

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