Parallel Realities

In each moment you shift through billions of parallel realities. In fact, that’s what time is. The illusion we call time is our consciousness shifting billions of time – per second – from static parallel reality to static parallel reality and that creates the illusion of movement and of time. If one understands that one understands also that one is always at zero point, at a new beginning.

As all these parallel realities exist on the same time, one can always redefine oneself and choose any path through these countless realities. Whatever one defines to be at that moment is the sequence of parallel realities one sets up for oneself.  It is a new story line, so to speak. So one could change any illness or other state of being into something completely different – from moment to moment. This is certainly worth to be practised! This is the long time longed for magic of fairy tales…

Darryl Anka for Bashar

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It’s just a jump to the left
It’s just a jump to the right

Image inspired by Damien Hirst


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