Von David Liuzzo, Attribution, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15195265P’taah speaks about sovereignty, the actual accelerating change in consciousness, about responsibility, trust, judgements, allowance…  This is very, very important knowledge for the Individual as well as for whole Nations which are as sovereign as are their citizens.

When you are acknowledging your sovereignty, that is acknowledging that it is your creation absolutely, every part of your life. It is when you are no longer hanging on to that which is your past, when you are in the habitude of dealing in the now with whatever is occurring, and you know what is occurring because of ‘how does it feel?’ You see?

When you will simply be still and go to the pain or go to the fear and take responsibility, align the judgment and absolutely embrace that which you are and embrace that which is the feeling. It is to simply allow it. It is surrender. It is to let go and to say, “Here I am,” you see? Once you can allow this to occur — and this is not doing. You cannot do it really. It is simply an allowance again. That is Goddess energy, surrender, hmm? — automatically you bring yourself back into your center point, ready for the next now in love, peace, joy, harmony, appreciating the now and the beauty, in the play, and so the now flows.

You are creating joyously. You are allowing spontaneity. You are allowing outrageous creativity without effort, without struggle, without doing anything except that which makes your heart sing. When you go forth in your nows to do that which makes your heart sing, everything that you desire simply falls into place.

When you are in that place of lack, when you are in the place of victim, when you are in the place of struggle and effort and doing, doing, doing — doing boring things because you think that if you do not do them day-by-day, then there will be no food and you will not pay the rent and you will not do thus and thus and thus, you see? — so you make life very boring because that is what you believe. That is exactly how it is, hmm?

So very often it is a leap of faith to say, “I know who I am. I know that who I am in every moment is a perfect, eternal extension of creation.” And when you change it in here, (points to heart) you change it out there. It is automatic. It can be no other way because you create it all absolutely! You create it from your ideas, from your beliefs, from your intent, your desires, your expectancies. It is all yours.

The whole article is here and it is very enlightening.


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