Although it seems that “authorities” are stronger than ever and that the individual looses his rights more and more and even becomes more and more ignorant about himself, I am convinced that these are the last steps in traversing the dark to the light, so to speak.

Veils of separation

That is the point in this shift in consciousness

Elias tells here what this actual shift is all about and what most individuals desire really…

  • To be directing of yourself and not being directed  by other individuals or authorities,
  • To be allowing yourself the freedom of choice and intentional manifestations,
  • To incorporate an awareness and a familiarity of self in acceptance and allowance,
  • To be intimately familiar with your beliefs and generating an acceptance of them

Therefore allowing yourself to choose

  • What influences you wish to express and
  • What influences you do not wish to express in association with any belief,  and to be thinning the veils of separation.

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