Take me literally. You are your own universe. You are your own reality. You vibrate to ideas. Ideas vibrating to your level become the reality you experience. Now, if you were, in your terms, the only one to vibrate at the level where you did not contain the idea at all of war, you would be the only one who would see another world. The individuals you would interact with would not discuss the idea of war, for it would not exist for them either.

Vibrate Yourself Into FreedomUnderstand this: Each and every one of you exist on all the different levels that there are to exist upon, in all the different variations of the worlds that there are to exist within, all at the same time. When you change your level of vibration and you, let us say by analogy, tune yourself to a particular frequency or bandwidth, it is then only in that bandwidth that your experiences come from. They cannot come from a bandwidth you do not function in.

Therefore, since everyone is on every level, then the portions of the individuals that already exist on that level are the individuals you will be interacting with. But understand it is not that the original, so to speak, individuals have changed. It is that you have changed. You have taken yourself to the level where now you only perceive the portions of everyone else that also only exists on that level. And in that level the world is the idea that does not contain war. So that is all you perceive. Bashar

To understand and practice this is the real revolution which is a dramatic consciousness expansion – evolution – where one is capable to see only that what is intended by changing the level of vibration. This is the greatest freedom one can possibly imagine as a human being – so far…

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