On June 20 and 21 was a teleconference with Bashar and as usual he offered fantastic informations about the actual progress of this shift in consciousness and he offered also some new interesting definitions. Here are some notes of the conference. The CDs will be available in July at the Bashar Website.

The gullible, the sceptical, the cynical…

Gullibility and cynicism are two sides of the same thing. Bashar’s definition of cynicism is  ignorance + arrogance. Cynicism has its mind made up and is unwilling to change.  Gullibility is not the polar opposite of cynicism but another version of the same thing.  “I believe what I believe and will not change it.” A cynic may be gullibly accepting the folk tale and dismissing it or the cynic has gullibly swallowed the folk tale.  The cynic and gullible work off each other…

The idea is to find balance in your investigation of phenomena. There are so many different agendas, remaining skeptical can therefore be healthy. By definition skepticism is an open minded space…

Whatever belief system you hold is true for you. The gullible and cynic push their beliefs on others. You are not entitled to create a belief system for anyone else.  When you transmit information, sharing includes balance.  This means that that person does not have to believe it.  It is an opportunity for them to decide whether your belief works for them.

In this transitional timing, as you redefine yourself – we suggest to you to open to the possibility that new ideas are only as solid as you want them to be.  The more solid – the more time.  Decide what you prefer, slowly, quickly.  All of it is your creation and every point of view is valid.

Exponential expansion and heightened creativity

When you act on your excitement you will flow with the expansion of energy. As things are accelerating, if you choose not to act on your excitement, for some it may be more difficult to catch up. However – it is never too late. You can always transform. This is physics, energy is involved. Anything that does not belong to you will freeze the forward motion. A high precision engine has very little tolerance for things that do not belong. A single speck dust can seize the engine. As energy accelerates through the span it will become more difficult to catch up to yourselves for those that resist. Meet us and your higher self half-way. We urge you to do this but it is up to you.

2012 is when you will tip the scales of going from a slightly more negative energy to a slightly more positive energy. The positive energy will accelerate from that time. Allow yourselves to act on the synchronicities. You will always be supported. Do not spend time worrying for that will be the energy that will amplify. Open contact will require that you integrate and move on without judgment and fear. During the next five year span (of highly accelerating energy) it is critical that you become the whole human being.

  • Face the challenges with balance, opening your heart to yourselves most of all.
  • Trust that you are worthy of unconditional love.
  • Relax into the understanding that creation is instantaneous. Every creation is an immediate creation. You don’t need to learn how to speed up creation but to make the next creation more different from the one before so you can see the difference.
  • Believing that you are an exception is arrogance.
  • Accept that the dark side is a valid choice, without the dark side you would not know the light. You contain polarity and you always will.

Through this 5 year span strongly apply the fulcrum point:

Circumstances don’t matter, only my state of being matters.

Circumstances are illusionary. When you see circumstances neutralize them by not giving them meaning. Do not judge whether you have changed by circumstances. It is how you respond that shows how you have changed.

These tools are the toolkit for this five year span. This five year span is fine-tuned to allow you to fine tune. Put it all together. It will work flawlessly if you let it. It will allow us that much more facility to harmonize, to help smooth out shift mechanisms so they can be experienced as bumps instead of mountains. If you will do your part we can do our part. It’s your energy that’s all we have to work with. We cannot do it for you and remove your responsibility. The five year span is an extremely accelerated time.

And many more. It is certainely beneficial to listen to the whole sessions…

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