The creation of reality is not a one-time job that continues so to speak by itself, it is a creation in each moment. This is something to really understand and to be practiced – moment by moment. The understanding of this process puts also an end to the importance attributed to the past, which in reality does not exist. We are not standing on the shoulders of our ancesters, we are standing shoulder by shoulder, because everything exists now – in this moment.

Elias says it in his own genius way:

You do not create a probability and subsequently it lingers.  This is not how you create your reality.

You create your reality moment by moment within your linear time framework, probability by probability, for the moments in sequence that you experience the throbbing and the pain within your finger, you are continuously re-creating the probability of the throbbing and the pain.

It is not a one-time creation which lingers.  It is a continuation of a series of probabilities which are being created moment by moment in succession, which creates the illusion physically of one action creating an ongoing event.  This is the action that reinforces your belief in cause and effect, and this is the assessment of your perception, which creates your reality.

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