There is no right and wrong. There are ideas – let us say, to use your terminology, so to speak, that may be less preferable or more preferable. Without judging, you can know what you prefer. You do not have to invalidate something to know that you prefer something else. Thus ’tis simply a matter of preference, choosing.

Equal but Different

You have the ability to choose anything you wish, for when you allow all possible choices to be equal, then it is easy to choose from among them which you prefer, without having to invalidate or lower any of the other choices – or put any of these choices higher than yourself so that you must struggle to attain them. They are all on the same level. Elias

Wonderful words of wisdom from Elias. Instead of insisting of being right and all the others wrong it would be much more profitable to concentrate on the own wishes and making the appropriate choices therefore. All wars, all religions, all …ism are based on the duplicity of right or wrong. Nobody has to fix the so-called problems of other people. They are making their own choices…

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